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rocky-horror-frank-n-furter-costumeRocky Horror Frank-N-Furter Costume

Frank-N-Furter, originally played by Tim Curry) was the eccentric owner of the dark and dismal castle located out in the middle of no-where, deep down in the Wilde’s of Transylvania mountains. Janet Weiss and Brad Majors didn’t know what they were letting themselves in for when they turned that car around and headed into the spooky castle grounds.

Now you can dress just like the main himself in a Frank-N-Furter Rocky Horror Costume from the 1970’s cult classic movie. This costume is one of the best costumes available on the market today and will have you looking just like Frank in his big castle of torment. The costume starts with the black vest, tied together with black lace and slightly open at the bottom, if you are a little sensitive over your figure you may want to wear something underneath this. Moving further down, the costume includes black brief type pants which has a brown belt and attached black suspenders which attach directly onto the black fishnet stockings. The costume is completed with half length black arm mitts which add to the overall effect.

This adult Rocky Horror Frank-N-Furter costume comes in standard and XL sizes, it will usually be shipped before 4pm if you order that day. You may consider adding a Frank-N-Furter wig to your order to finish off the full effect of the costume.

Rocky Horror Columbia Costumerocky-horror-columbia-costume

Columbia, originally played by Nell Campbell, is described in the plot of Rocky Horror show as a “groupie”, “lap dancer” and lover of Dr Frank-N-Furter. In the past she has also been involved with Eddie, if truth be told she has been around the group a bit.

Now you can dress yourself up just like the sexy lap dancer herself in a fancy dress Rocky Horror Columbia costume. This costume has to be the kookiest out of all the costumes provided by the Rocky Horror franchise and it will truly make you stand out from the rest of your friends.

This costume is a quality made outfit that consists of several pieces to complete the overall effect. Firstly, the costume includes a gold sequin overcoat which looks just like something from a 1980’s cabaret act. The jacket is complimented with an “off the wall” type sequin tube top which will fit any person with the varying range of small, medium, large and XL sizes available for purchase. The bottom half of the costume looks great with a pair of colorful, psychedelic striped shorts. Lastly, the costume is completed with a large red bow tie and a large silver and gold sparkly hat.

You can add your own effect to this costume with your own pair of blue, high heel shoes and ankle socks. Just take a look at the accessories available and see if there is something which might suit you.

The Rocky Horror Columbia fancy dress costume would be a great addition if you and your partner decide to go dressed up as characters from the Rocky Horror show, image if one of you went as Frank and the other as Columbia, timeless!!

rocky-horror-riff-raff-costumeRocky Horror Riff Raff Costume

Do you remember Richard o’Brian, he was originally the presenter of programs like the Cristal Maze as well as appearing in Flash Gordon all those years ago. Well, did you know that he had also been in the Rocky Horror show as well, that’s right he played the colorful character known as Riff Raff.

Riff Raff, as the name actually suggests, was the minion of the entire Rocky Horror group and he played one of Frank’s “servants”. Riff Raff was also the brother of Magenta who was one of the domestic hands around Frank’s castle.

The Rocky Horror Riff Raff costume looks just like you would expect a Riff Raff costume to look like, with a slight air of madness about it. The costume includes a black over jacket with long tails, a white open neck shirt, black pants to match the jacket and a pair of fingerless gloves.

This adult costume comes in various sizes including XL and standard. If you want to add your own finishing touches to make this costume even better you should add a nice pair of white shoes and a Blonde Rocky Horror Riff Raff wig.

Rocky Horror Magenta Costumerocky-horror-magenta-costume

Magenta, played in the movie by Patricia Quinn, is the brother of Riff Raff and the main domestic to Frank. Did you know that the famous Rocky Horror logo lips are actually those of Magenta?!

The Rocky Horror Magenta costume is both wierd and also a little bit sexy if worn by the right person. With this Magenta costume you can be gaurenteed quality because it’s an official Rocky Horror product available in standard and XL sizes.

The costume comes complete with a black maids outfit, the white frilly arpon you’d expect any made to be wearing and a small white headpiece which matches the arpon.

To finish this costume of you should add your own pair of black stockings, a pair of black boots and a ginger Rocky Horror Magenta wig from the range of available accessories.

The Rocky Horror Story In Short!

The Rocky Horror Show story begins on a very stormy night in the Jersey, the decade is the 1950’s and sees Brad Majors and his new Fiancee Janet Weiss out on a drive in the car to the home of one of their old tutors. On their way they become lost in the pouring rain and end up having a blow out in the car, there is only one thing for it, they will have to walk back a couple of miles to the spooky castle they saw a few minutes ago.

They are welcomed at the door of the castle by a freaky and strange looking man, Riff Raff, who invites them into the castle.

It isn’t too long before the couple meet with the owner of the castle who’s name is Frank-N-Furter, Frank is a Transvestite from Transylvania. Frank invites the pair into his lab where he shows them a young being he has created in a Frankenstein like way to satisfy his lust. The birth of this create happens that night, witnessed by Frank’s two assistants, Columbia and Magenta.

It’s not too long before all the celebrations are over and Eddie enters the room, Eddie in the donor of the organs provided to create Frank’s new being. Frank proceeds to hack Eddie to death. Brad and Janet are forced to stay in the castle that night.

Later into that evening an orgy starts which is soon cut short when Riff Raff and Magenta decide they are going to return to their native planet, along with the castle, to the planet of the Transsexuals. They leave the earth people behind.